QFM Radio gives you crystal clear Caribbean sounds in liquid stereo

Q FM Radio is owned and operated by West Indies Communications Enterprise Limited (WICE) of Roseau Dominica . QFM Radio started Live Broadcast in December 1999, and is heard every day by millions of people Worldwide. QFM Radio Programming includes Up-To-Date Music, Sports, News, and Current Events & Festivals in the Caribbean , Educational Tips on Health & Beauty, Traffic, Weather, Food & Nutrition, Security, The Environment, and more. QFM Radio always brings you Today's Best Soft Rock, Caribbean Rhythms and Crystal Clear Sounds in Liquid Stereo. QFM Radio is the Best Place to Advertise Your Products or Services for much less. Whether it's spot advertisements, infomercials, sponsorships, outside broadcasts, or announcements, QFM Radio will work out the best packages to suit your budget. It's very easy to listen to QFM Radio because there is much less Yakking while you are working.

In the Mornings QFM Radio brings you Rise & Shine Gospel Music to wake you up in the best of spirits. The Super Charger to energize you and put the Glide in your Stride and help you to start your day on the right foot. Easy Rock 951 brings you the latest Soft Rock from mid morning to lunchtime with less talk while you work. Live 95 Caribbean Rhythms boosts you up after lunch with the latest Caribbean Mega Music Mix. Power Drive 95dot1 links you to the rest of the world and accompanies you all the way home. The “Q?Quiet Storm helps you to relax after a long day and takes you through to dreamland.

QFM Radio serves you with the best in music & entertainment, as well as fair & balanced information. We love to hear from you. We welcome your feedback and your suggestions.

Contact us at feedback@q95fmradio.com


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